COVID19 Update

A guide to using the Bike Project during the pandemic.

Earn-A-Bike Program: We’re not taking Earn-A-Bike volunteers due to the pandemic, so the volunteer hours requirement is being waived. To get a bike, just come by our open hours! We have free, cheap, and nicer options. Be prepared that there may be a waitlist of 1-2 weeks depending on demand and we will have a limited selection of style/size/price combinations, but we’ll do our best to find something that works for you.

Repairs: Our volunteers are doing essential repairs at the shop for those who rely on their bikes and can’t use a regular retail bike shop. If you don’t need to get the repair done or don’t need it done here, please lighten our load by taking your bike to a regular retail shop.

Outdoor Repair Area: If you can do your own repairs, we can provide tools, parts, and repair stands. In order to observe social distancing, we’re unable to assist you with your repair or do teaching. Please be prepared to ride your bike away at the end of open hours.

Outdoor service only: All repairs, purchases, transactions, and visits to the shop are taking place outside. We’re asking everyone to stay outside of the shop except for shop monitors. Please wear a mask.

Volunteering: Feel free to ask our shop monitors on Saturdays if there’s anything you can do to help. Thank you for your support!

Donations: Yes, we’re accepting donations, just bring them to our open hours. Thank you!