Bloomington Community Bike Project

A local bicycle coop that keeps Bloomington moving by recycling bikes back into the community.

Looking for a bike? Have one to donate? Able to help others with bike repair? You've come to the right place!


The heart of our project, the Earn-a-Bike program allows anyone to volunteer three hours of their time for the opportunity to build a bike using our gently used frames and parts. For free. Once you’ve found the ride you want from our revolving stock of bikes – whether it’s in light or extreme disrepair – our skilled and friendly volunteers will help get you rolling. Interested? Just swing by the shop sometime and sign up with one of our staff. Don’t know that much about bikes? No worries. We’ll help you learn!

Become a Volunteer

Have some extra time? The Bike Project is always in need of volunteers. Don't let the title fool you, you don't need to know a lot about bikes (although a little knowledge or willingness to learn is helpful). You don't have to commit every weekend for the rest of the decade – or even the rest of the month. We want people that want to help. So just swing by and say you want to volunteer! Say it real loud, if you want. We'll let you.

Donate a Bike

At the Bloomington Community Bike Project we take just about anything. If you have an old clunker laying around, have recently traded up, or have uncovered a gold mine of old parts in your garage – we need 'em. Please bring your donations by during open hours. Thank you! Someone will gain a lot from your generosity.

Used Bikes and Bike Parts

Need a bike but can't volunteer? We provide both low-cost and high-quality used bikes to the community. Need a derailleur? Dig through our parts bins! We have used bike parts as well as a limited selection of new parts and accessories.

Use Our Tools

Fix your bike in our shop! We have repair stands, tools, and used parts. Our shop monitors will even help you do most common repairs.