Donations to support the Bike Project and our services are greatly valued and appreciated. We accept monetary donations and in-kind donations.

Monetary Donations
To make a monetary donation via Paypal, scroll down to the page footer and click on the ‘Donate Online’ link. Or send a check to our mailing address which is also in the footer below.

In-Kind Donations
To make an in-kind donation, please bring your donation to our open hours. We accept donations of used bikes, bike parts, bike tools, general-purpose tools, general-purpose shop supplies, and accessories.

Cleaning out your garage? Here’s a list of our most needed items:

– Working bikes (or nearly working bikes)
– Rear-wheels (any size)
– Re-useable parts such as tires, saddles, derailleurs, brake assemblies, etc.
– General-purpose tools: screwdrivers, metric wrenches, pliers, adjustable wrenches
– Bike tools: Cable cutters, chain breakers, cone wrenches, crank pullers, attached allen wrench sets, etc.
– General-purpose shop supplies: 5-gallon buckets; pegboard, slat-wall, track storage & accessories
– Accessories: used font or rear racks, working trailers, training wheels