The Bloomington Community Bike Project looks to provide a safe and inviting location for everyone interested in either purchasing or repairing a bike. So, to ensure your experience is enjoyable, we’ve put some policies in place.

1.) No Trades Please: Just as all that glitters is not gold, a bike that’s a little shinier than yours is not necessarily a better ride. To help ensure you don’t accidentally ‘trade-down’ we ask that our patrons not request to trade for bikes in our shop, or with other patrons at the project.

2.) Please Don’t Put Tools in Your Pockets: We all know how exciting the first ride is after you finish a repair, and chances are you’ll be so excited that you’ll forget the multi-tool you tucked away while you were working. Accidents happen. But when they happen too often, it’s difficult for others to make those same repairs. So we ask that you please keep the tools out in the open while you work, and place them in their designated location when you finish.

3.) We Can Only Hold Earn-A-Bikes for Two Weeks: Our space is limited, so we ask that Earn-A-Bikers work to finish their project bikes within two weeks time so we can make room for the next batch of volunteers.